In 1989, I came to the Geoscience Department of University of Houston as a visiting geoscientist from Istanbul Technical University, Turkey. After finishing the joint NSF project, I worked a couple of years in oil and gas related projects as a geotech in downtown Houston. In 1991, I was offered a job as a geophysicist in a family owned environmental company in the Woodlands. In 1994, I decided to go out on my own, and I established Environmental Geophysics Associates. Despite several years of hardship and uncertainty, my passion for the consulting business has grown exponentially. I like serving and providing solutions to my customers and their projects.

In the early years of 2000, I learned of the existence of active faults in Houston, which deformed houses, buildings, roads, airport, etc.  I initiated a geophysical study to understand the mechanism and geophysical signature of the faults. These projects were self-driven and help cement my relationship with the geological and geophysical community, and I started being an active participant in seminars, conventions and fieldtrips.  In the same years, I was awarded a big contract for locating caves, sinkholes across the Edwards Aquifer in San Antonio. During the last decade, I helped a client build more than 800 transmission poles grounded into Edwards Limestone.

Then came Hurricane Ike in 2008, and it blew the roof of my house off. I decided to move to somewhere else - namely Austin. I quickly adjusted to Austin and its splendid geology by doing geophysical work on the Mt. Bonnell Fault and in the vicinity of the Barton Springs pool, both of which are located on the Edwards Aquifer. The geophysical results intrigued the Austin geoscience community. I became the Vice president of the Austin Geological Society (AGS) during the year of 2012-2013 and the Treasurer for the last two years. Our specialty is to locate, delineate caves, voids, fractures and sinkholes over the Edwards Aquifer, and our motto is: "We Provide Solutions!"